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Looking For an Active lively guild


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Hi there!
Our guild, Wardens of Failed Creations [KEY] is a growing community of like minded, active Guild Wars 2 players.We're a PVX guild, with maxed out and decorated guild hall, and we do a little bit of everything.About half of the guild is on Northern Shiverpeaks WvW server as wellfor WvW.We have scheduled guild events almost every day of the week and we are working on putting together a raid group.Our members are very open minded; we have people of all different kinds of religions and sexualities so it is important that if you join you are open minded and accepting as well.We have several veteran members, some of which have been playing since launch so if you are just starting out in the game this guild is a great place for you to learn!Players of all levels are welcome in our guild and no one will be excluded.[KEY] started out as a few friends from other guilds who wanted to play together and build a guild full of close-nit people who could play together.We really want it to be like a family for people, and for a lot of us it already is.Because of this, we require our members to be active at least once a week (more details in our rules and expectations discord channel).This is so that we can build up that close bond that most of us already share.If this sounds like a community that you would like to be a part of, we'd love to have you!You can reach out to me in Discord if you're interested - Chaos#1909 or in-game at Talus MacMoryn.3268.

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