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Looking for Friendly EU Guild for some fun!


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Hey everyone!Am a 36 year old guy from Sweden.So a few times a week, after ive put the daughter to bed at night are looking for some nice ppl to play some Fractals,events/achivments/Raids(even thou i havent tried them yet)/WvW/open world with. Pretty much every facet of the game am up for (have Discord ofc)I´ve been playing on and off since the game launched in 2012 and have over 1300 hours played at this point(played most other mmos also, including 12 years if WoW). The older i get the more I value the social ascpect of playing games. Since a few month back i picked up the game again and i really miss that part of the game when i´ve been running around for myself in the game.So any Guilds in the EU that have friendly and active player base? (dosent have to be a large one)

Have a good day everyone! :)

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New to guild wars 2? Returning after a break and need to catch up? Looking for active people to have fun with? WE @ Mysterious Inferno would love to have people who can add to our family. "A GUILD THAT PLAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER" is what we believe, besides.. once you start playing with the right people, there is no going back! We are a relatively rew guild, very active and we would like to keep it that way. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Daily PvE (map, events, META, Hero Points and story completion)
  2. Fractals, strike missions TRAINING.
  3. A very friendly, organized group and Discord server.
  4. Weekend Guild missions.
  5. Raid TRAINING.
  6. Guild hall at Lost Presipise.We seek active and friendly players. We know real life happens and it takes priority so dont worry about it. here is the discord link if you wanna check out: https://discord.gg/hAQaUen

Ps. The average age of the guild members is in early 20s if it's a factor you are considering. Hope to see you :)

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