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Training Golem in Lion's Arc Aerodrome bugged?

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I am a newb who wanted to test his skill rotations and specializations, but the training golem appears to be bugged. Regardless of the settings I use, it is always immune to all damage. I am only lvl 57, so I asked a more experienced player from my guild to try, but he couldn't do any damage either. I only get glancing blows through and all my condition damage is completely ignored. Clicking on "Adjust vulnerability to conditions" or "Remove the defiance bar" has no effect on the golem, even after respawning it. I noticed that some settings only take effect after actually respawning the golem, like adding movement.

Can others confirm this misbehaviour? Is there another good way to tryout skill rotations?

EDIT: So maybe the bugs-subforms is not the right place for this post, as it seems it is not necessarily a bug.

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