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If you really really like PVP...

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WHO is a wonderful game but totally different compared to gw2. I think it’s a good alternative for everyone who doesn’t like the fast and fluently combat of gw2 but for me personally gw2 combat is by far more exiting. You don’t have clunky mechanics wich demand the Player to stand still while casting. In addition WHO has the typical tank, healer, dd Setup. Healer-classes do basically no dmg even if you try to build them around dmg. So you are stuck to play this one specific playstyle. Something positive about it is the class diversity. If I remember correctly 24 classes are playable with a lot of different class mechanics.

On the subject balance updates: i rly have to admit that the team of WHO is awesome. They Play this game themself and talk about problems with the players while streaming. I remember a video where they talked about the simple fact that one class is not very present in pvp (one out of 24!) and they took this problem serious and brought up solutions to fix that. And they are not payed for that, they do that for free. If you compare that to gw2/ANet it’s like comparing night and day.

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@hotte in space.2158 said:

@Senqu.8054 said:They Play this game themself and talk about problems with the players while streaming.want have want have want have want have =)Every player would appreciate and find this great in Gw2 PvP ! ! !Anet you want to boost PvP ? . . . then do this !

Yeah right? xD Odd that the only pvp / wvw content we get are balance updates and not even that can be delivered by payed developers.

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@Venxai.7486 said:No. We will stick to GW2 thanks. Now go play your 'private server' lol.

This 'private server' gets more updates and balance patches than GW2 LMAO. It is a passion project, funny how someone who gets paid to do the same thing can't even compete.

Just offering up BETTER alternatives. At least the devs for the 'private server' actually play their own game and respect their player base.

But keep having fun with the same shit day in and day out. Pretty 'progressive' stuff going on in GW2 seeing as we are back to where we were in 2012 when they BOMBED with e-sports and the boring bunker meta cause ANET has no idea what it is doing.

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