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Sunlight Legion [SUN][EU]

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Sunlight Legion is a tight knit, community focused guild that is recruiting social and friendly people to join our ranks and praise the sun! We are also looking for a few members to fill out our raid static teams.

The GuildWe are a guild that primarily wants to have fun together. Our main focus is Guild Wars 2 but many of our members also enjoy playing other games with each other.We offer a well laid out discord for talking, memes and cute pet pictures.We have a guild hall, Lost Precipice.We are open to helping out newbies.We play most content in the game including open world events, achievements, story, fractals, raids, dungeons and strike missions.We do guild missions on Sundays at 2pm BST.We conduct community events such as fashion shows, races and pvp tournaments.

RaidsWhile we are not beginners to raids, we are also not experts. We reliably clear multiple bosses each week and are hoping to continue to improve alongside one another until we can kill em all.We currently have a static group.We raid at 6pm BST on Thursdays and 6pm BST on Fridays.We are trying to fill a second static group.This group will require people able to tank, heal, provide quickness/alacrity and of course DPS.

You will need to be:Willing to communicateHave appropriate gear and build for your classAble to commit to time slotsWilling to learn mechanicsNot toxic

RequirementsDiscord is absolutely necessary as it is where we do most of our communication and organisation. Voice chat is optional, but you do need to join here.You should take a look at our short list of guidelines to ensure this is the guild for you.In order to see our main discord channels you will need to react to the bot message in the Welcome channel.

Here is a link to our Discord if you are interested in joining! https://discord.gg/X4UHvjp

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