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Gates of Arah Stuff for Astralaria Collection

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Please help me out with understanding this. For Astralaria IV you need to kill the Legendary Risen High Wizard at the Gates of Arah. Okay cool. So I've been coming here every day for a while now, and I can't make sense of what I need to do. I've waited about for 5-10 minutes before reading the wiki page, getting confused , re-reading repeatedly, before giving up and leaving. Should I wait longer? How do I get this thing to spawn? Most events in this game have a timer or a pre-event to start it, but I do not see anything like that for this. (also what's up with the magnifying lens, but less worried about that one atm) Also, this is a Lengendary Enemy. will other people come? I don't think I can solo this.

edit: got a fresh map and got it. the defend event spawned but did not have the wizard.

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The wiki will have the info on correlated pre events. One indicator is to see whether Pack already captures their forwarding outpost before Promenade of the Gods.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Help_the_Pact_seize_the_steps_of_the_Promenade_of_the_Gods

When all the pre-events are complete you'll soon see a countdown begin as the Pack readies the invasion on Arah.

Most Temple event timer only initiate when specific requirements are met, so you might want to check up Pack status in several key areas.

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