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[BUG] Watch List Achievements Tab Crashes Game

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Just tried it (also W10) and it didn't crash for me.

Worth reporting it in game as well with any extra info that you think might help.

I will say a lot of issues are cropping up right now. I've had things like the launcher not working and crashing my entire PC right through to constant skill lag all week.

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I've been experiencing the same issue since December 2019. With every update I wish this would be fixed however I'm still experiencing this on a daily basis ever since. Sometimes I by accident select my watch list when selecting the dailies from the list then the game crashes. I even attempted a clean install of the game this week and nothing changed... My next attempt is to reinstall my Windows OS because I think it has to do with my PC itself. When I ran the game on my MacBook Pro and it doesn't have these issues. Would really like to get behind what is actually causing this issue... It's becoming extremely frustrating having to launch the game every time it crash. Also it's not cool when you are in the middle of a Fractal run or worst a Meta map...

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