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Teams' colors in PvP

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In PvP - team is red or blue, this color is visible on mini-map, stats, flag, capture points.But it's confusing, because enemies are always red in game view.

I need to double check in which team I play each time, because of this inconsistency.

 I prefer team color's solutions from other games, in which:

  1. we choose colors for our team and for enemy, those colors are visible only for us and are applied to everything (view, map, stats), we always have the same colors for team and enemy,
  2. no option to choose personal color, but everything for a given team is in one color (usually comes with option to set preferred team to which we'll be placed if there is place).

I like the most option number 1 and it should be personalized in settings.But option 2 is still better then current solution to view enemy as red, but at the same time they're blue on mini-map and have blue capture points.

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