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No Quarter feedback (what I realized)


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This might be very late but I gave the whole thing some thought and came to a conclusion...Even though this episode was released without voice acting it invoke some sort of emotion in me. I thought a lot about why. Then I realized it!It was the soundtrack! That brought me to the conclusion that no film or game is complete without the soundtrack.I wanna say my personal thanks to the sound team and the composers!The soundtrack and sound design have been one of the many things that impressed me the most and it keeps getting better and better.Thank you ArenaNet for providing us with this journey!

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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@Randulf.7614 said:Every episode has a mix of new tracks alongside older ones.

I don't know. I've noticed an increase in the use of old music since the pandemic. I assume that makes sense since they currently can't record new music for the game, either.

Only one episode released has been affected so far and that doesn’t appear to have any more reuse of older OST than other episodes.

Bjora reused a lot of it and ls4 used loads of rehashed PoF and other older tracks do nothing has really changed. You generally find they only record a smaller amount for episodes because it is time consuming. Only expacs ever get a near full complement of new ones.

It's also about where they use them. Drizzlewood heavily uses HoT themes in open world and mixes in the new stuff less prominently, whereas Bjora mixes in new stuff in open world and the Boneskinner fight with Orr and Gw1 stuff in equal measure

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