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Suggestion: Add cursor icon customization options

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I play GW2 at 1440p, and I have to say that by far the most difficult part of playing this game is finding where in the world your cursor is at. For the cursor, you have this relatively small beige icon that very easily blends into the background under normal conditions, and becomes almost impossible to find when your entire screen is exploding with particle effects as it often is while playing maps such as Drizzlewood Coast. This is aggravated further by that fact that your cursor is constantly disappearing and reappearing when you use mouse right click to control your character's movement. I think it would be nice for Anet to add cursor icon customization options to adjust the size, color, and shape of your cursor for better visibility. I am aware of the program Yolomouse, but this software costs $4 and on top of that I don't want to risk a ban for using third party software that may not be allowed by Anet.

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