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[aW]Alpha Wolves-NA-SF/FA-WvW-GvG/Fight Guild LF Support FB's, Tempest and Scrappers

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[aW] Alpha Wolves is looking for experienced WvW/GvG Support players. Support Minstrel FB, Scrapper and Celestial Tempest(We also allow Minstrels) We are not looking for players that we have to train extensively. At the moment we only raid 1 day a week. Spontaneous raids do happen but are not required of you. We are a close knit group usually running 15 at this current time trying to increase the roster to around 20ish for Open Field and Scrims/GvG's. We do not mind training an already experienced player but we are currently not looking for anyone brand new or returning players who have 0 Path Of Fire experience. We CAN help fund transfers if needed. Join our Discord or mail/message me in game for more info.Raid Schedule: Weds 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM EDT(Eastern Daylight Time)Discord: https://discord.gg/Tz2uvCsIGN: Demon Puppet.6873

We run a pure Condition/Bunker CompFighting out numbered should be expected and is a big part of our guild*G-Builds and Discord is REQUIRED you do not have to use your mic though.

Recent Scourge gameplay

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