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Returning Player - Questions about Map Daily

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I've been away for a number of months due to college. I've just returned and I noticed that daily map completions are being cycled instead of each map getting their own. Is that a relatively new thing or has it been around for awhile now? Is there a good reason why, for example, I can no longer do Bloodstone Fen dailies -every- day? Is there a thread discussing this and the reasoning behind the change? I'm late to the party here, but I'm not exactly thrilled with it. Appreciate any insight people can give, thanks.

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Ah yes that, when the Gothomar valley update came out I believe sometime last year they consolidated the dailies categories because it was getting cumbersome and unfun for those people that were trying to do all the dailies for each zone. So they trimmed down the list and tripled the reward per daily to offset the amount of reward lost somewhat. I assume that going forward they will keep doing so when each chapter of living world story changes .

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