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Can we have new smart pings?


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Is it possible for arenanet to add new pings to PVP. Kind of like the smart pings that League of legends has. Would love extra pings for "attack here" "stack here" "fall back" "i'm omw" etc. I'd think it would greatly improve coordination in solo queue play.

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@Dantheman.3589 said:already got new pings not too long ago, but sure give us smart pings when the rest of the population is able to play ranked on the professional level. Then I won’t have to ping “defend” so random ppl realize not to leave node

@Tayga.3192 said:I think we already haveNormal ping (red target)Danger ping (yellow triangle)Defend ping (blue shield)Don't go there ping (cancel icon)

Thank You, I was not aware

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