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@"Kodama.6453" said:A new teaser page for the next expansion is online, wave of shadow!https://guildwars2.waveofshadow.com/

Turns out we will get underwater mounts, new underwater legendaries, underwater e-specs (which can also get used on land).And we will get a new race, LARGOS!

If you look at the very bottom of the page, it says: "This is an unofficial fan-made concept for Guild Wars 2. The creator is not affiliated with ArenaNet or its partners."

This is NOT a teaser, it's just a very committed fan's work.

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@"Teratus.2859" said:Hehe still funny how that one still fools people XD

It fooled me at first, not gonna lie. My husband's response of: "You mean the expansion they announced months ago that's probably close to being released?" didn't really help, lmao.

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