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Mighty blow z-axis range is ridiculously low


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I had already figured out z-axis range was insanely limited (most of AoE skills have way bigger z-range than their radius of effect, for Mighty Blow it is quite the opposite).I finally have been able to capture this ridiculous phenomenon on tape:

And here is the frame where it was supposed to hit (but doesn't):


It would be really nice if the z-axis range would be more in line with the AoE of the skill. Not asking for it to be a "shockwave (pre-nerf) 2.0 skill", but we are clearly below reasonable levels.

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Some AoE's blasts can be avoided by just jumping. Unless I'm seeing it wrong, this here is a case of bad design they can rework though, most skills don't suffer from it fortunately. CoR used to but now doesn't at the cost of being broken in every other way, Inspiring Reinforcement is known to be avoidable with a jump.

Edit: Brain typo

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