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Multiple copies of Strike Mission mechanics

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In the last 4 days I have had strike missions bug out twice with what are the scripted mechanics of the encouters. The first one was Cold War, which was post patch, so I didn't know if something had been changed and it was the new normal. Through the entire encounter the charr copters persisted and after the end boss spawned the waves of enemies that should have stopped continued. There was barely a pause between the expected rounds of mechanics, but without audio it was hard to tell from the chat log if it was happening faster than usual - I now suspect it was two copies running.I put this down as a change, but we struck the same issue in Whisper of Jormag in the last 24 hours.No-one caught it on video and I only grabbed one screenshot as it was hard to survive. We had failed a kill and reset within the instance before trying again. On the second attempt, all the mechnics that were not a direct attack were happening twice. When Spreading Ice had filled and the attack was dodged the circle was still around us and refilling. Lethal Coalescence almost always happened on two people. I don't know if when it didn't it had chosen the same person twice. You can see with the screenshot with the height of it falling that it is just slightly out of sync with the first one. https://imgur.com/a/hilJjKe

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