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[NA][PvX] Paradox of the Arcane Sovereigns. Now recruiting

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?Paradox of the Arcane Sovereigns [sVGN] is a super chill and casual Guild that focuses on just having a good time. Most of our members work during the day and can only play for about 4 hours during the night (typically on weekdays) from around 7 pm EST/Daily Reset to 10 pm EST. Sometimes we go up to 11 pm. So it's our primary goal to make sure those short times are both relaxing and fun. We try and engage in most of what Gw2 has to offer.We are proud of our general growth and development so far. We have an almost completed Lost Precipice guild hall, with all buffs and nodes available.

We are based on the Crystal Desert Server?: We use Discord for voice and text chat. Joining Discord is required (Mic not necessary)?.

Our Scheduled events day and time are based on the general availability of members.

?Who can join?Anyone that wants a chill place to learn the game, without all the elitism, toxicity and drama. Our 18+ community is open to all. As long as you follow the key rules:✔Respect each and every member regardless of Race, Gender or Sexual Orientation.✔Communicate with Officers and leaders if any problem or concern arises.✔Enjoy the game and the community we have.✔We don't require rep unless it's during a guild event.We are appreciative of anyone who offers their time and services to the guild as we try to make our home one to be enjoyed and loved.Promotion of Officers and Commanders are based on one's interest and overall performance in the guild.

? Activities are:

RaidWe have a very chill yet productive raiding atmosphere. We try to make our runs as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Mistakes can be made, it's just how you learn from them that will eventually determine your progress.Our Raid times are at daily reset. On Fridays and Saturdays currently.Raid time changes are subjected to change based on availability of members

Raid Training- We offer a more practical training, for new raiders. Because the best way to learn the encounter is to actually do it _vs _reading and watching guides, we like to throw new raiders into the fray and hope they survive. Moooost time they do.

Multi Roles -> We encourage and recommend members to be able to play multiple roles. We don't always follow the Meta, and like to test things or two and see how they work... for science. But we also want members to play classes they are comfortable with. Our training nights also offer a chance for more exp members to try out new classes and roles

Advanced Wing runs/training-> Most of our members have cleared all wings, however, we will be offering advanced wing training for Wing 5-7. We will also be doing some Raid CMs for titles and achievements. These runs will require a more set comp and style to deal with various mechanics.

Requirements -> Our requirements are simple and allow for better planning and execution of the runs. All we ask is that you:✔ Give notice in advance if you will be late or absent,✔100% Guild rep during raid runs (Makes us feel like a family),✔Be properly geared. be it with Exotics or Ascended. Don't forget food✔✔and geez enjoy the run.

FractalWe often do T4s/CM depending if we have anything else planned for the night. Being able to play multiple roles will help.The only requirement is to have full AR (150). Experience or fractal level isn't required.

WvW (Crystal Desert)

If you love pips, bags, and rewards, hate blobby fights, but love to pew pew from a distance. Then we will be perfect roaming partners.We are looking for anyone who loves roaming and small fights to join us on Crystal Desert. You can play whatever you want as long as we get to enjoy the bloodshed and corpse of our opponents.

For invite or if have any questions feel free to joinOur Discord https://discord.gg/XwJrw6C Follow the instructions and Ping an Officer for assistanceOrMessage in gameRojay.1726

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