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Need a filter when Looking for a Guild in the forums

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As I was perusing the "Looking for Guild" area of the Forums and had a hard time coming close to what I was looking for.

The best discussion descriptions list the [region][world][PvX specialty] and the name of the guild/tag. The worst ones show "looking for a guild" or "new guild looking for active players."

Right now there are 98 pages of players looking for guilds or guilds looking for players. It's sheer luck to find what you're looking for in a timely manner. I suggest there should be a check-box to filter out what you are looking for from everything else.

They may include: Looking for Guild or Players, which region you are in (NA or EU), what type of gameplay (training, PvX, WvW, Raids, Fractals), and experience level (new account, noob, experienced, or expert).

I would also suggest that the thread is erased if not bumped by an officer every 30 days. If a guild is actively seeking players through the forums this shouldn't be a big issue.

I see many players/guilds recruiting live in the game, but there is still an active group using the forums to find people.

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