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Maguuma's Treads Rune Thingy Color Issue

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The link there pretty much explains it all, but I'll type out the issue here as well.

The Maguuma's Mantle and Maguuma's Grasp were released back in March, with the Maguuma's Treads releasing later in April. They are obviously considered a "set" sharing the same sort of design. However, their color channels are not all handled the same. The Maguuma's Treads are the offenders here, as the dye channel that corresponds with the rune type thingies on the armor do not take dyes the same as the other two. On the other two, the little shimmer effect AND the runes take on the color, whereas the treads shimmer effect seems to work correctly but the runes only halfway take it. I think the last picture in the link shows this the best. After dyeing all three with Shadow Abyss, the first two are completely pitch black, and the treads have only gone from the default green color to the same green, but with a dark outline.

Is this a bug? Or just an odd design choice? I would love to have all three pieces with my desired rune thingy color, rather than having one be stuck on "green with a border".

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