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Some blink skills CANNOT CAST in Action Cam

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This bug is really hindering for those who want to play in Action Camera mode. – It revolves around Weaver’s Air Sword #2, and Revenant’s Shiro Phase Traversal.

  • When in action camera they will not function AT ALL when out of range. The skill will not be performed, and it will tell you that it needs a target, despite having a target. This is with a target manually selected, and has nothing to do with auto-targeting.

  • When not in action camera mode, these skills will still perform on targets outside of range, moving towards, but not all the way to them.

  • This bug has 100% reproduction rate

I originally reported this in the beginning of HoT but it seems to have gone ignored.Hopefully now that it is affecting more than 1 class it will be looked into. It is severely crippling to have to exit and reenter action camera when using this skill as mobility toward a target.

This affects both PvP and PvE – For PvP is pretty major, forcing 2+ extra keypresses to perform a single skill properly. In PvE it primarily affects map traversal, as using these skills outside of range so you do not engage in combat is a very effective method of terrain traversal.

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They can work. The thing is, you have to have the target selected and have your action came reticle pointing directly at your target while using the skill to get the tele/mobility skills to work right. It sucks and I wish it would just use the skills correctly even if you werent aimed at the target with the action cam reticle.

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I am AC user and that bothers me as well. I would love to have a ticking box in the options, that says: "Dont override tab target with reticle targeting" in general.A few problem that I encounter with my Rev:

  • as described the Shiro leap doesnt perform out of range (nice to have to blink closer or blink away)
  • targeting in wvw is difficult. It happens quite often, that I underperform not landing my autoattack. It sometimes seems, that you light fields, etc. soak up your autoattack and it doesnt travel where it is supposed to land. Sometimes I am looking at a blob of players at a corner and my autoattacks simply dont hit them properly.
  • for some skills (e.g.. Hammer 5) you cannot simply cast them behind you as the char will turn around. Workaround is to flickshoot it or look somewhere else, when it casts to avoid the char turning around and gets slowed down (wich can result in death).
  • some AOE casts show "green" and you still cannot cast it. Insta casting option negates it in casting always to the furthest available spot (staircase, etc) ...I dont know if that is AC specific though
  • the whole reticle mechanic should be optional to switch off, so that you can use normal tab targeting and still enjoy AC. All skills might instantly work as intended as a result. I would be fine to lose the crosshair function in that regards. Sometimes I lose approx. 20-30% damage, if the fight happens to be pirate shipping, hammer focussed and the autoattack comes even more into play. Short fights with a lot of skills being used to spike? -> I will come out on top positions....but a long fight with pirate shipping I lose significant cleave or simple hits.

Someone else noticed, that autoattacking a siege while in a full zone sometimes works and sometimes you only get "condition cleases" instead of target damage or something along those lines?

It drives me nuts, that it doesnt work properly still after so many years. There are people out there using it and on a competitive level you have to work around some issues, that simply shouldnt exist anymore. It probably just needs a programmer to constantly look into our remarks frome time to time and work on it for a couple days to evolve it properly. (ICM would still work better in some regards). I will never play default...I`d rather throw away my progress and play something else.

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