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[Suggestion] Alternatives to another round of elite specs


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So PoF is out and people are already excitedly speculating about future elite specs in other threads.This is cool, some of them sound really awesome and someday we might even end up with a thief I want to play (not a warrior though, lets not imagine miracles).

BUT I want a thread about other ideas as well. A new class with two really varied elite specs would be a similar amount of work at this point and possibly add as much depth. A new race moreso, lets all play Kodan and reformed Awakened. But you can send your ideas for that into the replies to this thread, my first post is talking weapons.

How about next time we forego new specialisations (dont want to get every class able to wield every weapon, which is where we are heading anyway) and the next expansion adds 4-8 terrestrial weapons and a new aquatic option or two. ive got an idea or five we can cull the best of. Then each existing class gets access to a new Aquatic and ~2 weapons. Maybe a non elite spec line so there are builds to support them.

Ideas include:Part one - Using existing weapons in new ways.Aquatic dagger - the migration of weapons from one area to another is a big theme in this part of the idea. Knives are already a standard piece of kit for divers in the IRL. Plus it is a great way to leave the path open for dual wielding aquatic sets. The idea here is the actual normal dagger, in the aquatic slot instead of one of the hand slots.

Terrestrial spear - I see this one as versatile, maybe spears and shortspears as separate items. Spears (and also tridents) as two handed melee with good reach, think engineer's flamer kit, but little spread. Either a one handed spear or a second one handed stat block for spears and tridents to use with various offhand only weapons, shields in particular evoke the roman legions. A special 1 skill that doesnt interrupt block and counter skills used by the offhand weapon is a definite option here.

Greataxe - what is the only one handed weapon without a two handed equivalent? Dont say dagger, dagger>sword>greatword is a nice little family already if you ask me. It's the axe. Those cleaving sweeping attacks in the axe school with the heft of a two hander. If nothing else it would be a nice place to give Warriors a new condi option in the bleed school.

Part two - stone cold new gearNet - part of the classic gladiatorial pairing, along with a trident or gladius, I see these as an off hand only option. Pure CC, immobolise of course, weighted nets for knockdown and all that, but an engineer or air elementalist might electrify a net for daze or stun, a ranger might spread it in front of her and fling the target heavenward, a mesmer could definitely create a phantom that would snare melee attackers when killed, or even a rev summoning a net to themselves through the mists for pull. The other thing is this would make a good second half of aquatic dual wielding.

Chains/whips/ropedarts - this is a slow ass weapon type, but flexible weapons are pretty much unrepresented in GW2, and they offer something that isnt represented mechanically either. Skirmish range melee attacks, with grappling and tangling for cc and vulnerability/weakness, barbs for bleed and torment.

Fist load weapons - more than a few of our heroic professions should be able to go hand to hand, this just lets us have stats when we do it. What the mage classes might do is pretty open for bladed gauntlets of knuckle dusters but physical classes should definitely be looking at single target extreme short range high dps.

Damnit Taimi, what did you do? - This one is mainly just a little fun, a sphere the user holds in both hands. The sphere projects oversized telekinetic weapons depending on the class weilding it. Just for funs, could also be Aquatic.

What do we think? Do you have your own ideas?

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