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Returning player LFG (WvW, PvP some PVE] EU (Piken Square)


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Hello friends,I just returned to this game after long (almost 4 years) brake and feeling lost - so much has changed!

So i decided to find some friendly guild. Im from Czech Republic (CET +1) and my main is Guardian since i like him a lot. Right now I focus on completing world map with some sPvP in low tiers (up to 4 matches per evening) . After i level him to 80 (dont want to use my boost on him) i would like to explore dungeons and fractals but also to focus on WvWvW fun mostly as support Firebrand. So i'm looking for an organised guild with same interests.

Server preference: EU, Piken SquarePlay Type Preference: PvE, PvP, WvWPlayer Style: Casual with occasional spikes in onlineActive Time: 18-21 pm CET +1Voice preference: when necessary use voice programsSocial preference: I am looking for a friendly community

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