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Caladbolg question

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Cant find this answer so far, so thought I would ask here.
Recently returned to the game and bought the expansions.. long story short, finished HoT got Caladbolg Rosa.

My character uses sword/sword, if I complete the story on another character and choose sword again after crafting it the items needed to complete it again, can I equip two Caladbolg Rosa swords on the same character?

I know I read that we cant equip the same named tinkets so wanted to be sure before I go through the trouble.Thanks!

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As with any & all ascended gear, the Caladbolg weapons can be transferred from character to character. I have 2 so far, and while I have not made them both into the same weapon to dual equip, that should not pose any problem, unlike the limitations on named trinkets. I have from time to time moved them from one character to another.

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