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Unknown 3023 Error Code

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Anyone know what the Error Code: 3023:1012:6:377 means? Because of the 3023, I know it has something to do with security.

A little backstory. I had opened up an alt account for my girlfriend and purchased a copy of Path of Fire Ultimate on it. Since she had wanted the names of my toons from my main account (this one), I deleted the toons and freed up the names. This was Monday. I was able to log into both accounts then and, come Tuesday morning, I've been getting that error code when I attempted to log in to the alt account.

Can anyone shine some light on this? I opened up a support ticket on Tuesday morning and I still haven't heard a thing/can't log in. Thank you in advance.

Edit: both the Path of Fire Expansions on both accounts were paid with the same credit card (mine)

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