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Tequatl Not Giving Us 100%?

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Maybe it's always been like this, and I just never noticed...

The Tequatl battle is broken down into 4 stages: he arrives at 100% health. When taken down to 75%, he flies off and we protect the grounds until the Asura gun is ready to take him down. Then it repeats again when he's down to 50% health, and again at 25% health.

What I only recently noticed, is that when he lands, he is 5% weaker than when he took off. (He comes back at 70% health, 45%, and 20%). So over the course of the battle, 15% of his health disappears. Is it assumed that he loses 5% health when the gun knocks him out of the sky?

Has it always been this way? Or isn't he giving us 100% effort? Or is he bugged?

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