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Does Smash the Dragon still require 3 to count?

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I don't need it any more, but I saw some overly excited people when we did it twice (it was way dead before a 3rd could ever happen), and wondered if they had changed it so StD was achievable with any number of 'not taking flights'? I asked in map chat, but no one responded.

Come to think of it, I responded in map chat that the collection was completed, and then saw them go over and check themselves. I'm starting to wonder if I can talk in map chat. :(

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Interesting. I guess when I did it way back when, there was always something about three, or I had thought. Maybe that just had to do with how it was done back then, maybe wanting to get the timing just right.

Actually nice to see it works with just 2, because it seems like that’s a far more common way to do it now. I had just assumed it wasn’t working when that happened. Thanks for clearing it up!

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