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Crafting materials for ascended armor

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I have played about five month and I'm at the moment crafing my first ascended armor set. I got one armor part done and second is comming. How ever I noticed that, I will run out of certain crafting materials what I think aren't sold anywhere. So my question is, where solo player could mine/gather/farm these two materials?

  1. Empyreal Fragment
  2. Dragonite Ore

It seem to, that every armor parts needs 200 of each. Other materials, I did get, by salvage exotic armors or buying them from vendors.

I haven't done yet all story quest, so it could be that my access in certain zones is at the moment limited. But if it's required, then I can allways continue the story line. At the moment I'm just done the core lands Personal Story and Scarlet's War. Next would be I think Living world 2?

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The Empyreal Fragment situation is solved allready. They where very easy to get in some chests in lower level human zones.

Queensdale -> Ojon's Lumbermill Waypoint -> other side of lake is bandid cave, there is chest.Kessex Hills -> Gap Waypoint -> near it is bandid cave too. Need to open door and fight, but they are easy enemies.Gendarran Fields-> Provernic Crypt, this has traps and some enemies, but it's not hard to do.-> Blood Hill Camps has chest in one building. One avarage enemy and two easy guarding.-> Not so secret puzzle jump area has underwater chest. There is somekind well looking place in very bottom of the inside area.

With some classes I just fighted trough, very easy fights, but with one class I actually use invisibility get pass the enemies. No real point of even fighting.

I got 2-4 material per chest, so with my five character I got 64 mats. Meaning I get Empyreal Fragments mats for one ascended armor part in four days. What is close to same than I can craft those armor parts. I still have some Dragonite Ores (200) so I can craft still two more armor parts. But for last two I have to get more Dragonite Ore materials. But that is likes a few weeks from now, because limitation how fast these armors can be crafted.

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