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Unidentified Gear & Profit

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Its been quite some time from the last time anyone asked this question, so i wanted to know your current opinion, handling,...

What would you say is the best way to make profit out of Unidentified Gear?Open & salvage?Open & selljust sell or just salvage

any differences in handling them between yellow, blue and green ?

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I think it used to be selling them was the most profitable? But not sure if that still is the case (or even was). Personally I'm not bothered about min-maxing every coin so I just open all and hope occasionally yellow gives me an exotic once in a while. Green and blue I salvage with the copper-fed, yellow I use the silver-fed (which might not be cost effective but I've got it so might as well use it)

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@Linken.6345 said:

@Kulvar.1239 said:Is the question below 300% Magic find or at 300% Magic find ?

Do not matter since magic find only affect if you get blue, green or yellow when droped by monsters.It don not in any way effect when you identify them anymore.

Linken is correct, Magic find will not effect the outcome of salvaging an item.Personally, I do what WDBoldstar's said.

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Making a profit?

I'd say, open and salvage Blue/Green for a chance at Yellow/Orange

Sell Yellow unopened.

Given the prices at the moment. Yellow gear is worth ~12-15s (With Greatswords and Reclaimed weapons worth ~30-40s) and Unidentified are worth 16s. Opening has the higher potential payout, from getting Greatswords/Reclaimed/Exotics but the more consistent profit would be unopened.

Also, Ectos are down to around 14-16s these days, so salvaging Yellows is less profitable.

What I actually do though is open everything, salvage Blues/Greens and recently I've been selling Yellows due to capping my storage of Ectos and their recent price drop (Back when they were 20-22s I was salvaging Yellows and cheap Exotics)

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