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I hope for new Sylvari armors in EXP3

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I would love to have new Sylvari armors that go with a Cantha theme. Bamboo, Bonsai, Chrysanthemum. Etc.

I do love the mushroom cap in game now for my Sylvari ninja thief.

It would be even better to find a remote Sylvari village where the armor can be earned / bought.

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As far as we know, there are no Sylvari in Cantha. And for some reason i don;t believe in Anet giving us five different sets of armor on top of those tied to Canthan themes. HoT had 3 new sets, if i remember right, and PoF 4 or 5 i think (2 of which were in actuality two tiers of the same set). I wouldn't expect more this time either.

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