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[NA] 2 Newbies LFG

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My GF and I have been playing for a couple months. Figured it'd be a good time to start looking for a group of players to run with. We currently have 2 level 80s, though our first characters were to get us mounts and gliders to make leveling easier. We are currently working on the story, leveling our crafting to level 500 to make Ascended gear, and doing world bosses. We've only ran one dungeon where we were carried. We've never done any raids, fractals, WvW, or PvP of any kind. We are interested in doing all of the latter.

We are not looking for a guild to carry us through content, but one who will show us the ropes and let us experience the game without being carried. We'd like to do our part and not live on the backs of others. We currently have all content purchased included Living World and expansions. We are currently on Season 2 and are working our way though the story and would like to experience previous content before we start rushing our way through the game.

We are constantly bombarded in game with "Join us!" or "Can we send you an invite?" with no information on the guild, what is expected from us, or what the guild focuses on and minimal of our questions asked. Please provide some information on your guild to help us decide if it is right for us.

Oh, and we are on Yak's Bend if that matters!

Edit: I would like to add that guild size does not matter to us. We are looking for something more relaxed but active. We currently play an Engineer (working on Holosmith) and Ranger (working on Soulbeast).

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Hiya! I sent you an in-game mail message, but I thought I'd reply here, too, just in case you check this first. Please feel free to message me back in game or whisper me if I'm online. I tend to check in-game stuff more than the forums. And I'm happy to answer any kinds of questions you might have about my guild. =D

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