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Expansion Scavenger's Challenge

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Think I might do a Expansion Scavenger's Challenge in GW2.The Challenge. You use what you find. The gear you find is what you have to wear and as you progress through the game you can only upgrade your gear through drops. This is a sorta challenge I've been considering since PvE is usually extremely easy so I figured I could try something different. I personally will likely be doing this challenge for the next expansion, whenever that comes out, but that doesn't mean you couldn't do it now with the existing expansions if you like.


  1. You start the Expansion at Level 80.
  2. Your starting gear needs to be the absolute worst possible gear you can obtain that is Level 80.
  3. Whenever a piece of gear, except your back piece, gets damaged you have to salvage that piece of gear.
  4. You can only wear gear you loot from Boxes and unidentified gear. You can't use Quest reward gear or Elite spec rewarded gear.
  5. You do not get to start with your elite specs. If you do this on a character who's got extra Skill points, make a note of that and only use Skill points you've earned from the Expansion to unlocked the elite spec of your choice.
  6. You must complete the entire story of the expansion.
  7. Living world season episodes are optional if you want to continue the challenge.

If there are any more rules you think should be added, let me know. i've been thinking about trying this out as a new way to play for a while.

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