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[NA][PvX] Crimson Phobia [PHO] -- SEA and NA Social PvX Guild | LGBT friendly | New Player Friendly


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SummaryCrimson Phobia [PHO] is a new guild looking for chill players -- whether you're new to the game or an experienced veteran, you have a place in our guild! Our members are mostly from NA and SEA timezones.

About Us

Phobia was established in 2013 in a different game. After playing the first game, the members went around playing different games until finally taking a break from gaming (due to lack of interesting mmo's, and new mmo's just not sticking with majority of the members). After trying out Guild Wars 2 for a few months, the leaders of Phobia have decided to return as Crimson Phobia [PHO] in June 2020.

What We Can Offer

Most of what we can offer is a safe space to make friends and play the game without overwhelming pressure to perform in a certain way.■ PvE activities (Fractals, Metas, and etc)■ Active 18+ Discord■ Helpful Members■ Drama Free Community

Interested players may click the link below to join our discord server.https://discord.gg/AQAnnVw

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