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Can a player have season 4 or 5 without HoT or PoF or both?

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What are the minimum requirements for a player to access the episodes of the last two seasons?

It is not a question of knowing what are the prerequisites for a purchase but I need to know what is the strict minimum a player must have to be able to access and explore his maps. Without going into too much detail, I'm trying to find out what is the minimum state of a player account that can come on the maps of seasons 4 and 5 in order to find out what skills he may lack because they are not available to him.

The goal is, in order to create content for the GW2 TacO overlay, to propose indications which will propose only skills which may be available, knowing that even if it has only one of the two extensions the equivalents can be used. Currently, I start from the idea that it has necessarily an extension and it's quite logical given that any purchase now of the game gives access to the extensions but I don't want to forget the players who have the game for a long time.

In short, it's obvious to me that it needs at least one of the extensions but I don't find any clear or not explicit information. And at the same time my question is a little bit particular because it's about something that is not usual.

I would like to thank anyone who could give me an answer or elements of answers to establish the basis of all this.

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And ofcourse you have to unlock any episode (200 gems less with bundles) if you dident play the game the 2-4months while each episodes were current content.Dont matter if you were ftp, core or hot expansion account everyone unlock them just cant play untill account is upgraded with the right expansion for each season.

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