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Bloodlust + Force - Will they work in the same weapon?

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The only ones that won't work are ones of the same type (I.e. Having the same effect name, say Minor Sigil of Force and Superior Sigil of Force) and stacking ones (I.e. Bloodlust and say, Cruelty)

It's worth noting that the stacking ones prevent you from gaining stacks from any other stacking sigils, including ones on different weapon sets.

Also, if you end up looking at other sigils, any proc sigils of the same type share cooldown on the effect (So if you had say, 2 Superior Sigils of Air slotted in a weapon, you'd still only get 1 lightning proc per 3 second interval as they both share a cooldown)

I'd also point out that Sigils have a global effect on your character. Meaning proc sigils all share the same cooldown, even if you swap to a new weapon set with the same sigil in it. Also, if using a weapon in your main hand and your off hand, the same sigil won't work twice if you put it in both of them (I.e. If you put a Superior Sigil of Force in both of them, you'll still only get 5% damage not 10%)

Finally, the last interesting mechanic for sigils is that "On weapon swap" effects, don't care if you actually change weapons. Meaning that if for example you had a Sword in your mainhand with Sigil of Energy on it and say a Dagger in your offhand and then you swapped to your other weapon set which was just a Axe in the offhand slot and nothing in the mainhand slot, then you'd still be holding the same Sword in your main hand and the Sigil of Energy would proc.

(There are some interesting builds that utilize only 2 weapons, one in the main hand of weapon set 1 and one in the off hand of weapon set 2 which allows them to proc 2 different "On weapon swap" Sigils, without actually changing their weapons - This can be notable in PvP/WvW where Sigil of Cleansing and Sigil of Energy can be useful to have consistent access to)

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Yes, they should work. Other is attribute increase and other just % of more damage.Two Stacking bonus sigil doesn't work same time, like example Bloodlust and Perception.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sigil

Stacking bonus sigil's will lost they current bonus, when you go down, transfer zone or "move between land and water" or change to secondary gear. Meaning while it's pretty good, you need to stack it sometimes again. How ever you can swap weapon and still keep the stacking bonus.

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@"Jild.4756" said:And, if not, why?...

I'm fairly new to the game, and I do not understand how sigils stack/work


Sigil of Force is a +5% which is constant/permanent bonus and add 5% to power damage. It can be used in any combination on weapon. As for stacking sigil on weapon, you can only have one as that will increase with +10 up to 25 times (in PvE for each kill; in PvP for each kill of player +5 ). Bloodlust adds a total of +250 to your attribute Power when it is full.

IMPORTANT: if you use permanent duration sigil it will only be active for that weapon set you have active, so when you have 10% condition duration (Malice) it will only be 10% increased while you are on that weapon that have this sigil. All permanent work the same, so you will have to expect a drop down in bonus when you change weapon that do not have the same sigil on the other weapon set. As for Force it will not show in Hero Panel as increased Power as it is a modifer (same as 10% in trait lines).

Stacking sigil (Bloodlust) will be active independent on which weapon you are, so you don't need to have one at that inactive weaponbar to keep +250 for Power.

Be aware stacking sigil will reset its stack when you get downed(not dead), so if somebody rez you or even get knocked down, but get back before you are really downed you then might have to work up those 250 in Power again (it can change how strong you will be when are back from being in downstate in a fight).

Changing map, getting below water (not always - use same sigil on under water weapon to avoid this) such things can also reset this counter. So in short you can't mix two stacking sigil like Bloodlust (Power) and Corruption (for condition damage). In that case it is better to take a permanent bonus like Force one and something else on the other weapon set. You can see a small symbol (icon) when you are getting stack and hover over it to check how many stack you have active. If you use Sigil of Doom (poison - on swap) that symbol looks very much the same when you weapon have a charge of poison before you use it to to attack.

One weapon bar can either have a main hand (MH) AND one off hand (OH) which each can equip one sigil for a total of two. A bow or greatsword count as a 2hand, so you can use two sigil. On swap (when you change weapon) have 9 seconds cool down, so when you change weapon (or in some cases change professional skills that are on F1-F4) this sigil will procs.

Sigil of Cleansing is a strong condition removal that remove 3 conditions each time you swap (it also cleanse when not on cooldown when you change between water and land and vv). Only one on swap sigil will procs at a time, so double bar on swap sigil might not be best use of it. It depends if sigil can do anything like increase Endurance (Energy sigil) and you have made one dodge when you swap (50%=1 bar; you have 2 bar normally in PvE). If you swap and have both a sigil of Cleansing and Energy it will cleanse up to 3 conditions and fill one bar. You can't swap bar until 9 seconds anyway as that is the CD for swapping weapon.

I hope you understand better how sigils work. Don't forget that runes (upgrades for armour) might offer something that also procs, so look what works best for you.

List of different types:

On swap - always warrantied to work (as long sigil is off CD).

On Crit - High enough crit chance and sigil on crits is good to procs.

On kill (not stacking sigil)- need to have a kill before you have its effect - work best if you have AoE where you have at least one kill to trigger its effect. (Work also with utility skills and elite skill; not only weapon skills)

Flanking etc- you need to be able to attack from all other sides then front to count as "flank".Interrupt - hard CC of all types that can interrupt. Most CC have some cool down. Are best in PvP situation or when you have good access to CC with short CD. Mesmer staff have a daze, so this work as a good source in combo with how easy Mesmer have access to daze. Stuns on the other hand have a high CD and for procs it is probably not worth to use a Sigil (when there are other options).

You can use this site to check out what I explained about sigil yourself.


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As I edited my post some other have explained it same way as I did. Just want to add for that link you need to equip a sigil in that build editor to and pick +25 for sigil (dark symbol on upper left side). The orange is for Might (boon). In total with 25 Might (it increases both Power and Condition Damage) and 25 stack of stacking sigil you will see the max you can get on your character in Hero Panel (build editor).

Pick profession, weapon (or just pick a bow which have two slot for sigils). Put sigils in each slot. Now you can see how each sigil might change your Power or Condition Damage. If you hover above duration (boon or condition), you will also see how sigils that change permanent duration will add in duration when you equip or change sigils.

In the lower part you have all conditions and boons where you can see more information if you make a build with armour (+runes), weapon (+sigils) and consumables (food and tools). Here you can see total duration for each skills conditions and boons (need to pick skills in the first tab) and in the second trait lines. Here should be able to see what impact changes of sigils have (but as explained you can't see changes that are from modifiers like +10% damage (Force), only durations and stacks (Bloodlust).

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