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[EU][UoR] Want to learn to Raid? University of Raiding is recruiting.


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Hello everyone, hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

If you are looking to learn how to raid, or want a comfortable place to practice your roles, or just want to help out the community by sharing your experience and teaching newbies, than you're a perfect fit for this guild. :)

We ask only, and above all else, that you keep an open mind and that you're respectful. The objective of the guild is to have a safe and good environment to learn and practice after all.

All raid schedules are setup through discord. Sometimes casual raid/fractals/dungeons etc can also occur through discord or guild chat.

So, are you interested? If so, send me a mail ingame to Kael#6534. Just let me know what your current raiding experience is and consider youself invited. :)




Cya soon!

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