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Is thief a good class for me?


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Hello all. I am about to start a thief. I have a level 80 engineer with 41 mastery.

I started doing WvW and I don't like going in discord everytime I join a zerg group with a commander.

I notice with most classes you have to be some kind of support role or something.

I love being independent and while I would still man an AC cart and repair walls, I like being by myself mostly.

I don't care if thief is OP or weak. I like being able to be independent in WvW while still pug assisting in defense and disruption.

I think leveling my engineer has shown me that I don't want to build for a team and I don't like going on discord team speak or other voice systems because I don't really like how some people are or also because I am emotional and sensitive to others.

So do you think thief is a good class for me? I don't do fractals or raids... yet but i love WvW and Somewhat Spvp.

Love to hear your responses and feedback. Thanks.

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You can be independent on any class, but if you're already joining zergs (whether it's on voice or not) it's a lot better to bring class that's not as selfish as thief.

Dps staff ele is the most independent class in a zerg since you want to position somewhere to freecast on enemies, but still be somewhat close to the group to receive heals and buffs. You also want to constantly pressure enemies so commander movement and commander callouts arent as important as on rev/necro for example. Ele's also by far the best class for defending structures since you have massive aoe pressure, especially in choke points and has a good amount of decent roaming builds.

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You can play spammy Bound daredevil in zerg, but of course you should play in squad, and so Discord/TS/etc because you'll be in the melee. You won't be "independent"Otherwise you can try to play Deadeye rifle and burst the black sheeps or elems/heralds in the back line. Efficiency is very situational, but you'll be a scavenger so somewhat "independent"

For core thief, .... !? You can play it in roaming. Otherwise if you want to be part of Zerg, but reasonably autonomous, with core classes you can try elem, revenant, warrior.

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Imo you can be very independant as hilosmith engi. They are decent roamers and have great aoe damage and utility. Thief is probably the most selfish class and as such is very independant, not relying on any other class to support it. However, if you ever would like to chug along with a zerg Thief will feel very ginped in that enviroment where holo engi can still fight comfortably within a large group.

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Thief is great for solo or grouped roaming, and decent for "skirmishing" situations (unorganized fights like clouds of 10 people on each side poking at each other around Stonemist Castle). For bigger engagements there's not much you can do beyond picking off the randos on the other side who tell themselves "I want to be independent" and then just sorta rallybot for your team's zerg. That's not nothing but you gotta make sure you're not just being a rallybot yourself there.

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While I think it's admirable you want to try something new, and you should, thief is something that you should play only if you like it's sort of play style and for thief it might not be that easy to get into it if you're inexperienced and have played mostly pve on another profession, and you should be prepared to meet some harsh times while using the profession until you get enough experience. I mean you shouldn't expect to just pick a thief up and perform like a pro. That being said, if you like thief and roaming with it or whatever else activity you find interesting to do with it and have patience to learn how you roll with it, you might get a very good time with it's movement freedom and all it's perks. Don't be afraid to die, don't get mad about being stomped by other more experienced players, just experience the game at your own pace and you should be good.

As an alternative, you could always find some engi builds that are more pvp oriented and go into wvw with something that you are more familiar. Otherwise you can also switch to something that doesn't require such a steep learning curve as thief, I'm sure people suggested and will continue to sugguest here on the thread. It's all about you having fun, in the end.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I started a charr female thief on anvil rock.

So far I love the damage that daggers and pistols put out. I feel like my engineer damage is slow and clunky compared to thief. Holosmith feels ok but thief feels better.

I like the utility skills and thief weapon skills and stealth. It all feels very mobile, utility, selfish, and strong.

I like being able to damage someone or something in pvp PvE and not worry about buffing or paying attention to others so much. I like that my damage is a way of being useful.

I am level 24 and I think thief will be my main. There is so much mobility and tricks to outplay people as well as vicious damage to punish people.

I think that thief feels good in WvW because I can scout build repair and defend areas and feel useful without being tied to the main zerg and I can chat in map or team. I can also be annoying with arrow carts and siege.

I don't have too much experience with spvp but I might play my engineer for spvp. I think the utility and healing is better and spvp combat stats are reduced greatly so thief burst is limited and most spvp classes are a bit tanky. No 1 shot. Constructed arena mode.

Any ways thanks for the warm welcoming. I love thief so far. Great class for not being in the zerg meta or team based parties.

Thanks all.

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I play both scrapper and daredevil in wvw.Like you, I like to roam and thief fits that role.Usually these are the roles I do:1) Scouting for enemy zergs, parties and telling any tags on the location.2) Flip ruins/monuments/sentries3) Flip camps (be careful, since enemies can see in map if a camp is under attack)4) If keeps are invaded by enemy zerg, I'll stay behind, playing hide & seek. --> Thief portal is essential here to allow your team backdoor entry. (If there's too many enemies, I'll put down a portal, get out, but keep coming back before the 60s portal timeout)

My daredevil uses rune of speed, which synergizes well with daredevil dash trait, to get perm swiftness with +66% movement speed.Dash also makes you invulnerable to immobilize, cripple, chill. (but not daze, so be careful!)I'm very much focused on mobility, so my dps is not great.

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