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How does weapon swapping affect pulsing condition damage?

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For clarity: Let’s say I use Combustive Shot, a nine second long fire field that pulses a burn every 3 seconds. After the first pulse I swap to a weapon that doesn’t have any expertise (let’s say the longbow I used combustive shot with had a smouldering sigil and some expertise) - will the remaining pulses scale from the weapon I cast Combustive Shot with? Or will they scale from the weapon I swapped to (which has less duration or damage)?

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@Blood Red Arachnid.2493 said:All condition damage updates in real time. Condition duration is set for when the condition is applied, and not when the skill is used. So, for your example, the remaining pulses will use the new weapon's condition duration, and all ticks of burning currently on the enemy will use the new condition damage

Thank you, this was the perfect answer.

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