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[NA][PVX][SOFA] Looking for more friends to come chill with us.

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Sofa King Beast, we are a fun with a purpose PvX chill guild. Made up of a large group of gaming friends. 18+ guild with no experience requirements. No rep requirements. If you are looking for a relaxed place to make new friends and enjoy all content that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, then this may be the place for you!

Come join us on the comfiest couch in all of Tyria, to apply send an in-game mail to Orbyknorby.2846 Please include your account name in the mail. Ex. username.1234 - Thank you.

What we offer:Active DiscordWvW ((HoD))Fractals (Fractal training, and T1-T4 dailies)Dungeons (Get your dungeon master title: story, and all explorable paths)HP trains (Both HoT and PoF maps)Meta nightsBounty NightGuild MissionsRaid Training & Static GroupsStrike MissionsWorld boss trainsWeekly Lottery and Contest

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