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Experimental Ooze - Rakkan offers this food after defeating the Risen Broodmother but no event

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm really frustrated I've been trying to get this event to spawn to finish my collection but it never does. I check everyday and often swap back to my character parked there but nothing for weeks now. I have submitted a few tickets but so far no responce from anyone. I need to get this to finish my collection and nothing seems to be happening. Is it still bugged? whats happening? is there aanything being done about it? can I please get a responce? Also I put a ticket in for darkkar because Ive been doing it almost everyday since it came out and still haven't got an ascended loot box. It seems pretty ridiculous I haven't got one drop at this point when everytime I do it someone gets one. Honestly I'm so annoyed by these issues effecting my progress and what I'm trying to work towards I often fine myself thinking why even play the game at all.

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According to 'Drop Rate' research, the chance to get an Ascended Box is pretty rare. I've never received one.

Are you completing the pre-event for the 'Destroy the Risen Broodmother'? Are you trying the chain immediately after a Release/Update when all stalled events reset?

If you have submitted more than one ticket to the CS Team for the issue, each one will send you to the back of the queue. Close all tickets but the original. If you are, instead, referring to in-game Bug Reports, you will garner no response as indicated on the Bug Report window.

Good luck.

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