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something about patches?


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pvp is so ridiculous, that even bots appeared. Thief was only class i enjoyed to pvp, if i had a chance to influence game before patch, so now im not. Doing decap - vs ranger or necro or any of guardians, that doesnt even matter?its no sense even to start 1v1 cuz i hit with a dagger for 200 dmg, and doing bakstab for 3500 per 9 ini cost. If anet sees pvp as condi bunker bustards snapping faces for each other for 5% of total health so let them, its their game, but noone needs such disabled pvp. Endless nerfing maybe is good for someone, but at the end there will be no imbalanced, broken, or meta classes - all will be the same and boring as spvp now is. Reducing sustain damage brought clownfiesta with rallyressing, and u know, interrupts have their cooldowns. And as a result of dumb gampley/metas plat reminds g1-2 more and more, 1-2 games of 20-30 a really close and bring any satisfaction, but others were in a one gate . So no im taking a brake, and do some pve.
Just lost now -150 pts, so im a bit tilted, needed some talk out, cuz feel myself rly tired, now starting to understand why AT players go ranked pretty rarely.

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