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[EU/PVE] The Kodash Bazaar Recruitment Post


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The Kodash Bazaar Recruitment Post

Hey hey! The Kodash Bazaar [KB] is recruiting members of all experience levels and play styles. Whether you're looking to make new friends or take your skill to the next level, we have everything you need to make your time in Guild Wars 2 more enjoyable.

What we can offer you
  • A social, active and welcoming atmosphere where you can make new friends or find people to play with.
  • A Discord server with Guild Wars 2 related bots that you can use to enhance your playing experience.
  • A beautifully decorated Guild Hall (Windswept Haven) that provides you with free, permanent and interchangeable buffs in addition to harvesting nodes that you can gather every day.
  • A weekly schedule of various activities, events and trainings for all the major PvE content such as Raids, Fractals, Strikes and Open World Metas.
  • A chance for you to get experienced with content that is otherwise locked to you by LFG requirements. We have numerous veterans that are ready to perfect your skill and are eager to see your potential grow.
What we are looking for
  • Members who are social, talkative and enthusiastic to participate in our community.
  • Members who do not mind using voice chat during events, even if just to listen in.
  • Members who are open to learn new things about the game and themselves.
Does this appeal to you?

Then join us through our Discord server —> https://discord.gg/nUzSGkz <— or send your inquiry to "Goldfox.5729" by the in-game mail. Your Guild Wars 2 account name is requested upon joining our Discord server.

Hope to see you soon :)

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