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Superior Runes of the Defender.

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So after theory crafting and reviving an old Engineer build, I've found out that these runes may be bugged. First off I can't see any heals in the combat log I think some runes show up in the combat log at least I thought a few did. Secondly, "Gear Shield" toolkit's block, does not heal whatsoever on the block, I also can't tell if Photon Wall heals either, it blocks missiles so technically it's a block. Same thing with Bulwark Gyro "Defensive Field" which creates a dome that also blocks missiles. Is it just me or....? Very hard to get this build going with these issues, I have 20k health so each block I SHOULD be healing for 1k roughly.... 20,000 x .05. "Heal for 5% of your maximum health"

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Tried it in WvW a while ago, was definetly working then... just not that effective overall. Projectile reflect/absorption (which would be both photon wall and defensive field) is not afaik a "real" block. For engie that would be gear, static and shock shield. Dont think the runes are that useful outside of guardian.

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