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Druid Changes


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Druid was supposed to be capable of supporting “zerg trains” as well, so I’d like to share some of the greatest ideas that will make playing Druid more viable in mass combat situations and more desired by players in any part of the game.

Supporting these suggestions absolutely guarantees to make your Druid super popular across Tyria! All the cool kids will invite you to their parties! You’ll get tons of friend and guild requests! Players will even email you gold and legendaries to buy your favor! You will undoubtedly become the envy of all professions!

Additionally, these changes will be so great for the devs because we will have to buy second accounts and roll non Rangers to get a break from it all.Read on and be amazed!

Seeds of Life-These need to pop instantly and have their radius increased to 360. 5 targets as normal.

Staff-We need this weapon to be a better ranged support weapon with useful skills.

Staff 1- Add 1 burning condition to the 3rd attack tick. The low damage and low healing make adding conditions to this skill ok.

Staff 2- Add 1 burning condition and increase radius to 300. All effects hit 5 enemies and allies within the radius. The current 130 radius is not enough to support allies so the increased radius would help. This change would also be a useful for helping to contribute to breaking up the tight zergs.

Staff 4- Make this a circular patch, like all those other aoe patches, and add bleeding. The current cone design is awful to use in any movement based combat, so the aoe design allows this skill to be useful. This would also make the skill useful for zerg breaking and sieging structures in wvw.

Staff 5- Make this skill an aoe dome. The current small rectangle design is as useless as vine surge. This change allows us to support better during mass combat situations.

Celestial Avatar-This form is not dependable, it is clunky to heal with and very easy to interrupt and shut down currently, so I’d like to turn it into a dependable, smooth and more sturdy form that is front line support capable.

CA Form- Provides natural stability to the Druid and pulses stability to 5 allies within a 360 radius.

AF- Make CA a stance that is maintained until downed or killed or manually exited. Once downed or killed or exited, you have to build up Astral Force again to activate and reenter CA form.

CA 1- Make this skill function like Guardian staff 1. Wide 600 range “astral” cone attack that hits 5 enemies and heals up to 5 allies within the effect. Does not heal the caster.

CA 2- Remove the reticle aiming function and make it a point blank aoe that pops a seed instantly. 360 radius. 5 targets plus the caster.

CA 3- Remove the reticle aiming function and make it a point blank aoe with the same 360 radius. 5 Targets minus the caster.

CA 4- 360 radius. 5 Targets plus the caster.

CA 5- Remove the root and make this skill mobile. Add a 5 player, excluding the Druid, healing component that coincides with the pulse and final damage. Same 360 radius.


Make each glyph independent and an individual selectable choice. This would add more slot skill options and build diversity.

What these changes do-First, these changes fit thematically with the duality design of Druid. You have your ranged support role with staff and your melee support role with CA. Second, all skills become useful, dependable and smooth to use in any movement based combat and zerg play. Third, this makes bringing a Druid to any team, in any mode, more desirable. Fourth, the Druid support role actually becomes user friendly and fun to play.

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My list for druid changes:

(Must)-Make all glyphs instant cast-Change CA 1 to something we'll want to use.-change/improve staff 2 and 4-Glyph of unity, - make it a stunbreak and improve damage(or something and make it elite)

(Optional, should be considered)-Primal echos unblockable(or somthing to help this trait)-Staff 1(something to make it more skill based and rewarding)

Optional nerfs( if balance demands)
-remove stun-break from DC-remove super speed from CS

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