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Raven Sanctum Buff Broken?

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So I experience that the Raven Sanctum Blessing is not working anymore since bug fixes for Drizzlewood Coast map on 9th June. Previously when we have Raven Sanctum buff grabbing 1 essence counted as 2 depend on the buff, but now even if we have Raven Sanctum buff grabbing 1 essence still count as 1 essence.

There are 2 things comes in my mind what causing this, before 9th June, I haven't completely level my spirit nova to level 4, the 3 nova at level 3. Then after the 9th June I got enough mastery to level them all. Either

  1. The leveling up from nova lvl 3 to 4 causing it.
  2. The bug fix causes more bugs.

Anyone experience the same thing?

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@Ronan.9518 said:I know they worked on all Icebrood Saga maps so far but every of this buffs start with

While in Bjora Marches:

so maybe it is intended that it doesn't work anymore (haven't tested myself)

Yes it previously also work in DC map but here is when the thing got worse, after the 9th June it doesn't work in Bjora either sooo....

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