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Unplayable Lag and Disconnects during Tequatl Event in Sparkfly Fen

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This is simply an issue of this week, but has been an issue since the increase in Traffic since lockdowns started across the world.

The issue is simply huge lag spikes as soon as Tequatl main event starts. The game continues to work, but every action every thing is just immensely delayed. I'm talking 10 seconds or more. Usually after about 5 minutes of this, I DC. I have everything set to lowest - it is not an issue of the computer. I have completed a few Tequatls going along with this immense delay, and sometimes it recognizes my contributions. Lately, it hasn't happened. There is just over 20 seconds of delay between actions. It is absolutely unplayable. It starts as soon as the event begins.

Has anyone else faced this issue? And if so, anything that I can do to rectify this thing?

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