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Scrapper Rework ideas for all game modes


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  • Make Bulwark Gyro pulse barrier to players around the scrapper instead of redirecting the damage, there are times where a scrapper literally sacrifices his life for other's miss plays, playing Bulwark gyro on boneskinner, for example, is an instant suicide button, and it fires scrapper healers to run full minstrels bunker healer which obviously makes them less favorable for raid related content unless they are capable of tanking and healing at the same time. It would also synergize better with your grandmaster barrier trait, as you could share an empowered barrier also to allies and not only to urself.

  • Make function gyro into a well just like other gyros and give players an ability to choose its functionality on a fly, I am a little bit inspired by Lucio from Overwatch, your function gyro could for example pulse quickness and alacrity / Stability and protection/healing and reviving pulses depending on what the player chooses to pulse.making it a much more viable pick for raiding, fractals, dungeons, etc.. we all know-how clunky the function gyro currently is especially in PvP / WvW. good luck getting successful rez or stomp especially through the cleave especially when ur gyro dies in one or two hits and any form of CC cancels him. this rework would make function gyro a worthy sacrifice for your F5 skill and a worthy opponent to holo form.

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