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Remove the bugged "New Player Hint" in Strike Missions

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Anyone else fed up with this? It appears EVERY TIME at the end of EVERY strike mission except Forging Steel, regardless of how many times you actually use the button to leave the instance.

Seriously? The "leave instance" button has been used by everyone since level 1 (so no-one should be seeing it now), and all this pop-up does is block the UI, hide the scrolling rewards and cause annoyance. (especially in Shiverpeak Pass where it hides the number of shards you get)

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I second the request to remove this oversized hint. It is always in the way when one is trying to pick up the chest and just generally annoying.

Also, while we are at it, could you remove that oversized "out of ammo" hint during the Cold War strike mission? It is completely misplaced here because there is no reloading function in this mission, so we switch back to weapon skills automatically.

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