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Returning dragon bash: New guild hall decorations!

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Here are the added decos:From left to right: Poster (triumphant) , the plate and the banner.Note: have to craft somes to add them on screenshots.

-Victorious dragon bash poster-Triumphant dragon bash poster-Dragon bash banner-Dragon Plate-Incredulous stage-Zephyrite scaffolding-Zephyrite walkway


Very cool. Thanks for the decos as always. Enjoy them a lot.PS: New skyscale prenium skin on gemstore.

WARNING: 3 last ones can't be crafted / are bugged

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@Kelly.7019 said:i only see 3 of the 4 decs anyways unless that 4rth is a dec and not yer toons body. Hard to tell what the decs are.Well the second poster is like the first poster deco but with another picture. As said, zephyrites ones and incredulous stage aren't obtainable/craftable. Read. It's said in first post. Even said I will add more screenshots later. But not gonna add them afterall.

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