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LF help with Scrapper build in pvp/wvw


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I wanted to to make something for scrapper hammer since I love everything that surrounds the engi, the charr, etc ,etc. I dont really have a gear set for my engi for wvw except for a full set of soldier atm and some zerker pieces building up but where I spend most of my time atm (learning the nuances of the prof and testing out free ez builds) is in the pvp lobby.So far ive tried kit-less bruiser scrapper [demo+scrapper rune], and FT+hammer [carrion+engi runes]I havent honestly noticed a difference in either too much to the point that ill say 'oh wow this is MUCH better!' its more like ill have a one or two incredible games with either and then the rest in between are 50/50 skirmishes.The build ive used for both builds are Firearms [bottom-bottom-top]/ alch [top-middle-bottom]/ scrapper [bottom-bottom-top] this was my power FT build. Condi was more or less the same with some tweaks to firearms and scrapper.I dont have holo 100% unlocked just bc scrapper is too much fun atm in both open world and pvp, but im working on that for sure - having said that I dont have any inclination to go into core engi at all and would hope to hear back from some fellow geniuses in the making on what FT + hammer or solo hammer build yall are running with some modicum of success!If youre not willing to share your build I feel you on that - any tips/ tricks are most welcome and ill take any criticism other than 'play the meta' xD screw the meta.But, say if demo amulet or carrion dont translate well for scrapper then id like that to pointed out.

For wvw I tried my best but soldier doesnt seem to cut it; Im tanky sure and I can pepper some people down but im alone or with one other person im pretty much a goner. I take rocket boots to get out of roots and gtfo with the same power build I mentioned above but once again love to compare and get some notes on what are scrappers 'jobs' and strong suits for wvw - ive seen some support builds that im not keen on wondering if they can fill the role of bruiser? or is FT+Hammer a bad cat time? Ive tried tinkering with some stuff on the build editor getting an idea of what gear I should start to make my ascended set towards but they expensive and mat consuming so if I make a set its going to be the only stat set I use for a LONG time xD

Sitting at 179 games played atm on my scrapper if that helps anyone gauge where im at - and about a good amout of time in WvW with mediocre success with a soldier set.

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Hey Sly, I have mained scrapper for several years now, and core engi before that. I live almost exclusively in the pvp scene, so if you would like to "training" so to speak, message me in game. I can at least show you what I have found to be effective for high-tier pvp.

P.S. I personally prefer either demolisher or berserker stats. ( Demo + Scholar runes or Berserk + Fighter runes).


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