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An idea on how to promote more team play!


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This idea is probably going be met with some negative responses but here goes.... The monthly Automated Tournament should only allow Teams to enter and not PUG teams. I know, its crazy but stick with me.

So currently PvP is very much tailored to playing as a duo for Ranked. Then maybe teaming up with a bunch of randoms for an Automated Tournament which is fair enough. This is a good way to make new friends to play regular with and maybe develop a team.

Now when it comes to the monthly AT, things should be taken a little more seriously. If you could only enter if you were part of a guild team, it might be enough encouragement for players to seek our a regular team to play with. This can be done via the PUG teams in regular AT's.The knock-on effect of this might mean more teams scrimming, and more life brought into the PvP scene as a whole.

This is just my initial thoughts on the idea and could be fleshed out more but thats why I'm here, to discuss the topic! What is everyone's thoughts on something like this? I'm just spit-balling ideas that could encourage more team play in the PvP community.

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